Friday, April 24, 2009

Jones Very, the band

This is really a post about punk rock, but did you know that after Articles of Faith broke up, Vic Bondi taught history at UMass and had a band called Jones Very, after the mystic poet from Salem who thought he was the second coming of Christ?

Jones Very the political punk band released some records on Hawker/Roadrunner and Jade Tree (same Jade Tree as Jets to Brazil and Joan of Arc and all that Tim Kinsella stuff). You can get the Words and Days LP from this guy for $6. This blogger (who is almost incomprehensible even though I recognize the proper nouns in the post) says it has:
a lot of late Hüsker Dü and Mission Of Burma influences. The calmer songs really anticipate a style that will become famous for Sub Pop, Chicago bands, Caulfield etc.
Huh! Sounds good to me.

We just tracked down the grave of the 19th-century Jones Very in Peabody a couple of weekends ago. Some photos from that outing coming soon.

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